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Gallery Three
Masters of Change

    Marc Chagall
Amelia Earhart    
    Andy Warhol
Claude Monet    
    Duke Ellington
Georgia O'Keeffe    
    Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh    
    Vincent van Gogh II



Introduction to Gallery Three

Masters of Change Series

Great artists, musicians, adventurers and athletes share the common bond of performance beyond the norm. They function out there and invite all of us to follow. The truly notable become Masters Of Change. Masters see and then see beyond. Masters hear and then hear beyond.

Masters have the gift that enables them to make their heightened understanding part of our common consciousness. Masters make us all more aware and therefore more alive.

This series is a celebration of Masters Of Change. It is a collection of portraits of some of the people who have furthered our perception, enhanced our listening, challenged our thinking and brought us joy. This is one man’s vision of the masters, and it attempts to capture universal beauty, truth and glory. This is a celebration of the highest achievement of expression that the Masters Of Change so generously give us.

Originals and Giclee fine art prints available in Gallery Three.
The original paintings of Masters of Change Series
are available as complete set.
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