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Recent Works

    One Who Bows Me
I've Lost My Head Over You    
    Dance of The Ladybird
Strings of Her Heart    
    Menage a Trois-pical
Running On Ancestry    
    Tourverse Blu
    A View by the Bridge



Introduction to Gallery One

Recent Works

To work in one style of painting has always been quite limiting for me. The little inner voice tells me to express the creative message in whatever style gives it meaning and beauty. A number of years ago I came up with a title that would best describe what I thought my art was, I called it Impressionistic Idealism. To this day it instills my focus and direction; how I see the real creative world at my easel.

In studying cultural symbolism such as Chinese, Tibetan and other world arts, have worked to elevate my paintings in harmony and content. William Morris famous 19th to 20th century designer/artist and other artists as well I've found have been influenced by the Asian arts over the centuries.

Originals and fine art Giclee prints available in Gallery One.