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Posted: June 12, 2011


I paint very few landscapes yet the influence of outdoor scenery, the shapes and landmark images spark new creative ideas all the time. These ideas must hit my sub-conscious mind and activate what may be already formed waiting to be a future painting.

Moving On

I've found it is always inventive if I don't get in the way of myself.

In 1996 I was on the road, living in my van, on my way to L.A. I kept a journal and sketched internal things I never sketched before. Traveling with my old point-of-view I wanted to stop myself. “This is not what I do,” I told my creative self.  Life was changing for me moving west and so was the way I was seeing the world.

What is Art?

What makes art relevant to the average person? I believe it is how it connects to each of us no matter what style, or form it portrays.


Art is all about portraying realities that the artist sees somewhere within. For me a separate and personal reality can only be a place where I go for creative refuge, perfection, adventure and experience. Then my thoughts become an artistic expression by bringing my concepts into the physical world.

Leonardo da Vinci is an example of an artist/genius who created and discovered numerous inventions, drew the human anatomy in every conceivable pose, a master painter, a scientist and traveler of the realities within.

The reason Salvador Dali’s art is called surrealism is that he portrayed extreme realities in his work beyond the normal reality we live in. His dreams and visual interpretations of vast landscapes were in Astral like worlds and dimensions.

M.C. Escher was another master artist displaying other worlds in his work. His precise drawings of multiple perspectives defies logic and of course his famous renderings of the metamorphosis; the art of one form, object or creature, becoming another object or creature. His work is astounding, mathematical in accuracy, long before computers brought other realities into our world.

Posted: May 2, 2011


Everyday I ask questions about my life as an artist and the influential people around me I am also aware that the events taking place in the world does affect my work in a creative way. I sometimes find the answers to my questions flow through my writing and paintings. The art I do is story based, with symbolic images, poetic verses to each painting and sketches that draw words into abstract shapes and form. Sometimes I recognize the answers immediately; sometimes the answers come later in the work.

I am concerned with inner pictures and concepts and seem to have their own unique colors and patterns. I am attracted to design perhaps that’s where the symbolism comes into play.

We can look at many things in life to some degree of detachment I find it almost impossible not to be subjective about any art, in any form or expression that I observe.